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GRIT presents the most robust, grounded, and practical framework in existence for anyone trying to lead their business, their loved ones, or themselves to accomplish extraordinary goals.
Stephen J. Burrill, Partner, National Health Care Providers Marketplace Leader, Deloitte & Touche LLP

If there’s one thing, one book every athlete and coach needs to excel, it’s GRIT. Talent gets you on the team. GRIT is what wins championships. And ‘Dr. Paul’ shows you how.
Juwan Howard, Winner of two NBA Championship rings, Assistant Coach Miami Heat, Former NBA All-Star

When it comes down to what it really takes for anyone to consistently do and be their best, there is nothing much more critical than Dr. Stoltz’s upgraded version of GRIT. He and his work have helped us on many occasions in recent years with our global transformation—growing and shaping more resilient and agile leaders for the future.
William A. Blase Jr., Senior Executive Vice President—Human Resources, AT&T

GRIT provides students, educators, administrators, and parents the most advanced, proven tools for growing measurably greater GRIT. It is the defining element in student success.
Jodi McPherson, Vice President Student Success & Career Development, Pearson Education


More testimonials...

When it comes to recruiting, growing, and equipping people to flourish and succeed in an increasingly competitive world, nothing is more important than GRIT.  Paul provides the most scientifically sound, practical approach and framework to infuse greater GRIT into all aspects of your business and your life.
Robin Pring, Senior Vice President, Human Resources HEINEKEN Americas

Entrepreneurs need to be resilient and tenacious – that’s where GRIT comes in.  This landmark book decodes and defines the entrepreneurial mindset.  It is essential for anyone wanting to start, build, or achieve anything noteworthy.   
Laurie Stach, Founder of MIT Launch and Program Manager of High School Education Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship

In Paul’s new book he captures an essential ingredient of doing big things. Nothing difficult gets accomplished without the toughness and perseverance to see it through. My teams and I have been fortunate to pioneer many “firsts” and GRIT has been at the heart of every ascent. Paul equips you to gauge and grow your GRIT, so that you can take on the summits of your life.
Erik Weihenmayer: Author, filmmaker, and international speaker. World's leading blind athlete and adventurer. Climbed Everest and the Seven Summits.  Kayaked the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon.


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